Friday, July 26, 2013

What is a sulfate-free shampoo?
A sulfate-free shampoo is a shampoo without surfactant agent (lavantes substances) sulfate based.

Surfactants containing some sulfates provide a foam very generous but in return are very irritating to the body.

Unfortunately, today the vast majority of shampoos conventional and certified organic surfactants contain these bad sulfate based.

To avoid mistakes and choose a sulfate-free shampoo, read the INCI composition on the back of the bottle.

Best Sulfate Free Shampoos:

1- Pureology Nanoworks Shampoo

2- L'Oreal Paris Everstrong Hydrate Shampoo

3- Kirkland Signature Professional Salon Formula Moisture Shampoo

4- Enjoy Sulfate-Free Hydrating Shampoo

5- Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo

Sulfate free shampoo: L'Oreal vs. Dessange

After the war parabens, now he must now band together against sulfate. You know me, I am a person a little I-am-composition unpolished side: it rarely tick on my side,

except when it is evident that there is a problem and there, it's not going to make everything. Otherwise, parabens, sulfate, silicone ... well I use everyday. And I'm

not the worse *. Still, I wanted to know what it was like to use a sulfate free shampoo. Just a reminder, the sulfate is often the thing called "sodium laureth

sulfate" in the composition of your product. Plus it is placed high on the list, it is more concentrated. And often in shampoos, there is not wrong because it is

foamed in mooooort. I'm simplifying, but basically sulfate could be responsible for scalps fat dry a bit lengths and colors even damage done by a hairdresser.

So, to fight against all that, I tested two sulfate free shampoos. Shampoo Wake Color of the Dessange and L'Oreal EverSleek Shampoo.

Side composition, you can expect more or less the same thing. A few details. Draw at that point.

Side texture, obviously, you are entitled to more or less the same thing. And effect in the shower is the same. No need to put tons to wash your hair - it, I like it.

It does not foam egg if we put little. It is pleasant to the touch ... Anyway, I like.

The smell does not bother me especially, actually for me it is rather neutral.

And the result then? It is clear that yes, hair regraissent slower. Normally, I wash my hair every other day. Say, I can push easy until the third day without it is a

disaster. I who have colored hair, I do not at all perceived side "color brightener" vaunted. Anyway, my color changes with time and it is also what I like. Otherwise,

positive: it makes me shiny hair. I like even more so.

Only small problem, I have to make a moisturizer - sulfate-free - after: because untangling is the galley with these shampoos! And if not, the side smoothing of

L'Oreal EverSleek: I do not have realized at all.

Price aside, I can not help you. It seems to me that this is almost the same. But not exactly (about 7/8 euros). I even wonder why they are not seen at the same price

in the end, it is the same product ...

* Whenever I write this kind of stuff, you get into a spirited discussion on the composition of the products. No worries about that, girls. Just be aware that using or

not a particular type of product with a particular composition is often a lifestyle choice. I do this by being aware of things and at the moment I do not have to click ;)